Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Zimmerman / Martin Trial

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 " Pause When Agitated!! "

Thinking Outloud ~ Regarding the George Zimmerman vs Trayvon Martin Outcome

Posting To Facebook ???

This past weekend created a lot of controversy around  outcome of  "The George Zimmerman Trial."  I made a simple post on Saturday evening, on my Facebook page when the verdict was in.

My Facebook post was something like,
 " the verdict is in ...  I guess it's good for George Zimmerman?? "

And almost instantaneously I received a message from a high school friend.  It was simple and short.


Boy did it get me thinking. I regretted having posted anything. It certainly wasn't meant to mean that I was in favor of the decision one way or the other. It was just a simple and impulsive thought, which was meant to announce that the jury was through. Their verdict had been made.

I didn’t realize that the country was split right down the middle, in regards to "How we all feel about this case."  Although, I can’t imagine it would be any other way. It actually makes perfect sense. I do understand that this is an issue which is quite controversial.  Isn't the real issue about our laws on carrying a concealed hand gun? How do we feel about protecting ourselves when we fear for our lives? Do we need to re-think this law?

And, what would have happened if George Zimmerman wasn't carrying that concealed weapon? Would both men be alive today? Probably so.  How has this turned into a racial controversy ~ Black ~ White ~ Hispanic!!  As Americans, we’ve got to come together to prevent this from happening again. Let’s try and be civil and discuss the real issues around this case.

The Martin family is also dealing with a life altering event. No one will ever be able to actually understand what happened between these two men.  A young man goes out for a candy and soda, and never returns home??

Yes, this is  'terrible."

How does G-d let things like this happen?

Life isn't always fair.

And, how about George Zimmerman?  I'm sure he will be haunted with this event for the remaining days of his life. I'm sure he will suffer from some sort of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for the rest of his life.

He will never be a free man.

In our country, we have a judicial system which tries a case for both sides. It doesn't necessarily mean that it will bring resolution to the event. I do think we need to respect the decision.

I go back to the Casey Anthony trial, and The OJ Simpson trial....and in both of those cases I can't exactly say that the decision was easy to stomach.

Do we think that justice was served?  Does it really matter?  We need to look at the real issues which have submerged around this case.

We need to debate the issue around “carrying a concealed hand gun."  As American's, we are entitled to be in agreement and disagreement about these issues. But let's keep calm and discuss the issues? Let's help to prevent this from happening again. The dialogue needs to be calm.  We need to look at both sides of the story.  And, we need to be supportive of the verdict which has been made. We need to help the Martin family deal with the loss of their young son.

Ask yourself, “What can I do to support their loss and help the family recover?" Let's peacefully discuss and debate the real issues around this trial. How should we go forward with our present hand guns laws?

As American's we are permitted to protect ourselves when "we fear for our lives." Should George Zimmerman have shot this young boy down? I don't believe so. I really have such mixed emotions about people carrying a concealed weapon. There is not an easy answer.

I can't imagine that anyone would think that we can just go back in time and operate like "The Wild West." But let's not make this a racial issue. Yes, I'm sure that unconsciously this may have been a big issue. But none of us will be able to bring Trayvon Martin back to his family. This is unfortunate.

To my high school friend ~ I wanted to say   "Thank you!!"  Thank you for the nudge  which helped to open my mind and motivated me to think. Thank you for helping me make public, the pro’s and con’s of posting a comment on a Facebook page.  "Thank you, for helping to open my mind so I could reflect on both sides of this entire very difficult scenario. 

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