Sunday, July 7, 2013

Take a look at why I became a member of ViralPLR...

This particular product actually helped explain a lot of the different marketing methods available online. Simplifying the whole process of publishing articles, and ebooks to actually Make Money Online.

Without totally understanding How to Build An Income through Self-Publishing, a writer ends up giving all of their writing to e-zines  and then they generate the bulk of the income stream generated from the info-products which most writers give away for free.

It's definitely a good idea to write a book and give away copies, as a way to gain email addresses, but the writer has got to collect email addresses and gain contact information, to help build their business.

The whole business of using PLR Materials available online is a very slippery slope. A writer really should buy or at least obtain something in writing allowing them to put their own "pen name" on someone else's product. I highly recommend covering yourself with something in writing giving you permission to put your name on someone's product; including products, photo's, articles, and ebooks.

Re-brandable products are not the same as product which you can change the publishers' name or the author's name. 

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