Tuesday, December 17, 2013

More about QR Codes and free sources to get your own


Below is a QR Code which I created in a webinar last week. Basically, if you scan it with your cell phone, it will provide you with Mindy Meisel's QR Code.  And, a link to create your own code for free.
This morning I was online trying to find out some information on Austin's Allergy Forecast.  I've been suffering the past couple of weeks with a sore throat and all the stuff which comes along with symptoms of a cold and or allergies.

The only reason that I share that with you, is to make a great example of using a QR Code in Mobile Marketing. I was very impressed with KVUE's Mobile site. They've actually used their app to include a photo which is a direct link to their QR Code.


The above link will take you right to KVUE's mobile page. When you go to that page you will see a few photos and each image is actually a QR Code when you click on it.

         BEFORE                                                                         AFTER

App IconQR Code

The above Image is an icon which turns into a QR Code.  

I sat in on a webinar last week, which was totally geared towards Mobile Marketing. Obviously, we all understand how much we've come to depend on our cell phones. And, with that dependency ~ smart businesses are seeking every possible method to get their products in front of us, on our mobile devices, our cell phones and tablets.

Mobile Marketing will be the big push for 2014. If you're planning your marketing efforts for next year, I highly recommend you consider using a QR Code.  If not, you really need to re-think your strategy to include mobile and a QR Code.

Mobile is not going away.  It will continue to grow and become stranger and stronger.  No matter what kind of business you're in, mobile is where the money is and where it will continue to be for a very long time.

Whether you're trying to increase your online efforts or marketing yourself as a local firm, the object is always about getting new clients and keeping the old ones.

Here's some more information which I found valuable
What is a QR Code ~ And How-To Use It !! 

"QR code" 
  1. 1.
    a machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs or other information for reading by the camera on a smartphone.
    "they were the first retailer here to offer QR codes in their advertising"

So all in all, if you go to my website you can gain access to get a free QR Code. You can use it on your business card, you website, to deliver a message through Social Media channels. This is such an easy way to distribute all of your business credentials and it's fast, sleek and simple.

You may contact me by email to find out more or just go to my website to gain access to the tool to get your own QR Code.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

How-To Use Adwords to Convert Traffic into Sales

Attention: If you have a Website that Sells Something and you are NOT driving "Buyer Traffic" to it –You are missing out on a lot of Sales.
This Letter is About 1 Thing:
Driving targeted “Buyer Traffic” to your Website.

Dear Internet Marketer,

For over 8 years I’ve been running my online business like a clueless Jackass. I have never built a list, rarely bother recruiting affiliates and until recently didn’t use up-sells on any one of my websites. For over 8 years I’ve been making a comfortable income online, rarely working more than 5 hours per week…
My simple formula? Sales Page + Adwords Traffic = Sales. The main reason this formula works for me is because I've gotten very good at using Adwords traffic to generate Sales. Or more specifically, I've gotten good at making sure that the only people clicking on my Ads and visiting my Websites are already searching for what I'm selling. I've also gotten good at making sure the people who are NOT likely to buy my products stay far away from my Ads and Websites. In other words...

Because my traffic is so Targeted its extremely effective in getting Sales for my Websites – which allows me to be Self-Sufficient, without having to rely on Affiliates, SEO, JV's and other unpredictable ways to sell my products. I'm in complete control of 100% of the traffic that comes to my website, which allows me to focus 100% of my energy on the part of my business that actually makes Money – generating more Sales.
Adwords Allows you To:
Be Self-Sufficient: I don’t rely on anyone but myself for traffic. I don’t have to deal with affiliates, hire experts, make partnerships or invest into SEO. I just log into my Adwords control panel and run my business without having to rely on others to send traffic to my sales pages.

Control the Quality and Quantity of Your Traffic: I can actually decide who gets to see my Ads and who doesn’t, this allows me to drive only Targeted traffic consisting of people already looking for what I’m selling. I also control how much I spend – which together with my campaign performance determines how much traffic I get.

Enjoy High Profit Margins: My products are usually priced in the $37 - $67 range, and because I never pay more than $0.07 – 0.20 cents per click and average over 1% conversion, it usually costs me $10 - $15 to generate a sale. So it’s cheaper than paying affiliates 50%.
This is why I prefer to rely on Adwords for my traffic: it’s less hassle than writing articles, recruiting affiliates or doing SEO. The traffic is also more predictable, reliable and more targeted, and best of all – I’m in complete control of it…
Why Most People Fail on Adwords:
Because converting Sales Pages with Adwords Traffic requires a very specific Adwords Strategy, and most people have no idea what that strategy is. Its not always about tedious split-testing, choosing 1000s of different keywords, some kind of special new Adwords feature, or using a “secret” keywords software that magically makes everything work.
If you want to generate Sales with Adwords Traffic there's only 1 way for you to do that – make sure the ONLY people clicking on your Ads already want to Buy what you're Selling. If you're focussing on anything else you will only waste Time and Money.
NOTE: If you simply focus on starting off your Adwords Campaigns by focussing on Keywords that describe what your product IS and what your product DOES, you can start off with targeted traffic and avoid most of the traffic that only wastes money.
^ These mistakes are easy to make if you're new to Adwords and don't really know what you're doing, but once you clearly understand why Adwords works and why it doesn’t – there's no way you'll ever make these mistakes again...
I'm not exaggerating when I say this: there's only 1 way to make Adwords profitable (at the front-end offer) if you are selling products in the $10 - $100 range, you can't focus on anything but traffic that generates Sales. At those prices there really isn’t much room to play around with low conversion rates. This is why its important to focus on things that work (or likely to work) from the start of your campaigns...
That means focussing on the right type of keywords from the start, writing the right type of Ads, and even choosing the right type of Settings all before you get a single click from your Ads. Then systematically expanding on the Keywords and Ads that are generating results to increase traffic. More of what works and Less of what doesn’t.
Why This Formula Works:
Because I focus on the 20% of Adwords Strategy that generates 80% of the Results / Sales. Over the past 8 years I've played around with and tested different Adwords settings, features, bidding strategies, landing pages etc. But that core, fundamental 20% of Adwords Strategy that generates all the Profit has stayed the same...Attract high quality Clicks likely to generate Sales, avoid low quality Clicks.
Everything I've learned over 8 years of setting up my own Adwords campaigns, and doing Keyword Research – is neatly organized and explained Step-By-Step inside “Adwords Direct Response”.
“Adwords Direct Response” Guide & Videos

I ONLY tell you what works for Sales Pages and leave everything else out of the course - I keep it simple. So instead of giving you a 200 page, dense and complicated course that will leave you lost and confused – I give you a Simple Formula, and explain it Step-By-Step with easy to understand instructions, Videos and screenshots:
Inside “Adwords Direct Response” I outline the exact Formula I’ve been using for over 8 years to run Profitable Adwords Campaigns and Consistently…
 Convert Front-End offers at over 1% from “cold” traffic (Most experts consider breaking-even on the front end good, I don’t, all of my campaigns are profitable on the front-end)
 Never pay more than $0.07 – 0.20 Cents Per Click (in competitive markets that cost up to $0.45, $1.00, $2.00 Per Click!)
 Generate Click Through Rates in the 3% - 10% range for my Ads (Google considers 1% a good CTR)
“Adwords Direct Response” is split up into 3 Parts, each one teaching you an important aspect of setting up Profitable Adwords Campaigns:
Basically, you’re getting step-by-step instructions with screenshots that will teach you everything from keyword research, to choosing proper settingts, to writing effective Ad Copy – All aimed at giving your Sales Page the best possible chance of converting “cold” Adwords traffic to Sales.
Here's What Customers Are Saying...

Ok, now here’s the deal…
“Adwords Direct Response” is going to be the next website I promote on Adwords at the $37 price range. I’ve already done the keyword / market research and leg work I do for all my products, I’m actually excited about it :-)
But before I do that I have to run a special sale for this product! Why? Because I believe people will benefit most from this product – this I.M. market is all about Sales Pages, info products and conversion rates. And lately I’ve been seeing a lot of people complaining and outright giving up on Adwords – which actually gave me the idea to reveal the Adwords formula I’ve been using for the past 7 years…
Take advantage of this Special Offer and get “Adwords Direct Response” for…

Only $27.00

Rest assured this is NOT a marketing trick: I make a living off selling products in the $37 - $67 price range on Adwords. So once this sale runs its course, I’m going with the $37 price… but for now you can grab it for just $27.00 ★★★

You Also Get These Valuable Bonuses...


And, to make this more of a “no-brainer” this offer comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee:
I guarantee that by following "Adwords Direct Response" You WILL give your Adwords Campaigns the best possible chance to be proffitable and convert visitors into Sales. I also guarantee that you'll have no problems following "Adwords Direct Response", or have any problems understanding the instructions / strategies inside. So download the Guide right now, try it out and if you feel that it doesn't live up to its promises in any way - Just send me an email within 60 Days and I will send you a Prompt Refund.
IMPORTANT: I’m not interested in ripping anyone off and ALWAYS honor my guarantee. I also use PayPal as my payment processor and am required to honor my guarantee – it’s bad for my business if I don’t.
To take advantage of this offer Click on the link below…


See you on the inside!
Mindy Meisel
P.S. This step-by-step course is the only guide you will ever need about making money with AdWords -- get it now before I close the doors for good. And remember, all the risk is on me... you have a full 100% money-back guarantee.

Questions? Issues? Email us at: mindy@meiselsdesign.com

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cost Per Action For Newbies

Cost Per Action For Newbies

Announcing The Brand New, 6 Part, Step By Step Video Course That Shows You How To...

"Finally...Make Money Without Selling...with CPA Offers....
Starting Today"

CPA offers are a huge thing today and will be for years to come.  This is because you don't have to sell anything yet simply get your traffics to take a specific action, such as fill out their zip codes, email addresses, or filling out forms.  Advertises will pay you anywhere from $1-15 or more when your traffic takes a specific action.

CPA offers are also great because ...If you don't know how to...

- Sell Online
- Create Your Own Products
- Create a Landing Page
- Use PPC Marketing...
....then you're in for a treat.  Introducing the 
Cost Per Action For Newbies
Video Series

In this video series you will have access to 6 content packed videos that will show you step by step how to make money with CPA Networks.

1. What CPA is and why you will want to get into it
CPA, also known as Cost Per Action is a great way for publishers like you to make money.  The way you make money with CPA is if the traffic you send takes a specific action, whether it's filling out a zip code, email address, or a form.  For advertisers it's a great way to build leads and many advertisers are willing to pay you anywhere from $1, $15 or more just to get a lead.  The nice thing about CPA is that you don't have to sell anything to make money.

2. List of CPA Networks
Just as the title states, you will be shown several CPA Networks in this video.  While there are hundreds of CPA networks out there, I will show you just a handful of the top ones; where I will recommend to you just a few to get started.  The best thing you can do when you get started, is to sign up with 1-2 CPA networks and start there.  

3. Signing up for CPA Networks and increasing your approval rate
Before you sign up for CPA networks, you must realize that they will not take just anyone.  So in this video I will show you how CPA networks screen applicants for experienced marketers, which whom they want to do business with.  There are about 4-5 things you need to make sure you have before you fill out the application, because your goal is to get approved.

4. Once you are in, then what?  CPA Types
In this video, you will learn the different types of CPA offers from ones that have higher conversions to ones that are less converting, but may be more profitable.  You see while some convert faster, they pay less, so you need to do it on a massive scale.  You will also learn how to pick and choose the right CPA offers for you.

5. Keyword Research

That brings us to Keyword Research.  Testing your market before you get into it is important.  So in this video you will learn several methods of testing.  You will also learn how to test the market by using Keyword Tools.  Once the market is profitable, you will understand how to move forward and create a list of keywords that you want to rank on.

6. Create Landing pages that promote CPA offers
Now that you have done your Keyword Research, it's time to setup your landing pages.  You'll be given an overview of understand how domain names and web hosting connect together to create a website, so you can get started easily.  Taking the keywords we researched earlier, we can easily add them to the landing pages and create a landing page that will not only increase your CPA offer conversions, but will get a good score from Google.

7. Promoting your site:  PPC Adwords, SEO

Once you have your landing page, it's time to promote it.  That brings us to use of Pay Per Click, by using Google Adwords.  In this video you will learn how to create a basic Adwords Campaign and decrease your CPC (Cost Per Click).  You will learn some basic out of the box PPC methods.

So...with that said, grab this video series now and start making money with CPA Offers today.  You can view this video immediately after your purchase, so you don't have to wait until I wake up or even if I'm in a different ime zone.

Add this product to your cart now for only $27.00

Mindy Meisel
P.S. This is the most risk-free way start making money with CPA offers!

P.P.S. You'll be amazed at how simple and easy it is you can start making money with CPA offers. Order your Cost Per Action For Newbies video training course and get started right now.

Questions? Issues? Email Us at: mindy@meiselsdesign.com

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Grow Your Email List With this 1-Click System

If you are simply too busy to do your own promotions, or you don't know how to get leads, or what to say to people to compel them to join your list - your problem is solved with our...


This is the easiest way that I've found, to actually build an email list and get subscribers to join your list.
 It's a Done For You Service 
that all you do
is post your affiliate links
and ask people to check it out.

This is the service you have been asking for :) 


The webs most popular business friendly social media site. Sokule uses a unique credits system called Sokens to add followers to your account automatically. Upgraded members bronze-plus and above can email followers every 3 days.

All Your Lists In One Place 

See and use the lists that can help you earn a 7 figure income online. Discover which lists perform best, what type of lists they are, who they owners are, how many members each list has and who the owners are.

If you want to get visitors who can earn you money, you need high search engine rankings. Getting good positions in SERPS requires proper indexing, which is impossible without building thousands of quality backlinks, so your audience must come from the right places.
1-Click is a powerful automated submitter designed to speed-up website indexing, improve search engine rankings, and drive more targeted traffic to your pages by submitting your domains to a virtually unlimited number of available bookmarking sites, search engines, social posting sites, weblog sites, backlink sites, and blogs.

It can bookmark an unlimited number of domains, register an unlimited number of user accounts on social networks, solve human verification tests, verify existing sites, establish secure proxy connections, randomly resubmit old pages... all on autopilot!

Automate those boring submissions today and spend your time on things that you actually enjoy with our amazing...



Monday, November 11, 2013

Have You Heard of Sokule Submit?


Reach 100,000 plus active social media users each day.


I've learned it is critical  to keep track of each and every promotion.  Without tracking your efforts....you have no way to know what's working and what isn't.

There are definitely a lot of Social Media Sites out there and posting to them everyday can be extremely time consuming, if you really want to do it effectively. We started using a great tool which I'm recommending that you check out.

Sokule Submit is a program where you can post your offers to more than 100,000 active marketers and reach a fast growing audience. You can post daily and your
message is instantly in front of over 100K.

To Post is easy as pie.

You pop in a short message-500 Characters.
Hit Submit

That's It.
You're Done!

Your message is all over Sokule and Yakamore in a nano second.

You don't need a website
You don't need to enter any Social Media details
You don't need any followers or trackers

This is easy 1 click submission.

In the "Other Submitters" section you can change some of the IDs to your own affiliate ID's and when people you sponsor upgrade under you in these programs you will earn commissions. Be sure to add your affiliate ID's before you start promoting Sokule Submit.

When you login your will see your Sokule Submit affiliate URL. Grab one of our email ads or banner ad from the promo tools section and tell others about Sokule Submit. You can earn lump sum commissions of up to $198.80 depending on your membership level, plus recurring monthly income.

Free members get paid 10%
Pro monthly members get paid 20%
Pro yearly members get paid 30%
Pro lifetime members get paid 40%

Note: Free Members can promote the site and add their affiliate ids to our Other Submitters but in order to use the Sokule Submit Submitters, you must be an upgraded member of Sokule Submit. Please see the upgrade page in the members area to see what comes with each membersip level
Be sure to give us a way to pay you. Go to the "Profile" link in the menu on the left and add your paypal email and/or your Payza email. Note; Payza was formerly called AlertPay.

You can also be paid by check so be sure to enter your full address if you want to
be paid by check. 

There is a 2.50 check charge fee and there is a minimum of 25.00 to be paid by check. There is no minimum payment for Payza or Paypal.

Click on the "Marketing Resources" link to get access to the latest advertising and marketing sources. They will help you succeed.

You can collect your bonuses from the bonus section.

Enjoy this new site and prosper from it.

Check it out and let me know what you think.