Tuesday, December 17, 2013

More about QR Codes and free sources to get your own


Below is a QR Code which I created in a webinar last week. Basically, if you scan it with your cell phone, it will provide you with Mindy Meisel's QR Code.  And, a link to create your own code for free.
This morning I was online trying to find out some information on Austin's Allergy Forecast.  I've been suffering the past couple of weeks with a sore throat and all the stuff which comes along with symptoms of a cold and or allergies.

The only reason that I share that with you, is to make a great example of using a QR Code in Mobile Marketing. I was very impressed with KVUE's Mobile site. They've actually used their app to include a photo which is a direct link to their QR Code.


The above link will take you right to KVUE's mobile page. When you go to that page you will see a few photos and each image is actually a QR Code when you click on it.

         BEFORE                                                                         AFTER

App IconQR Code

The above Image is an icon which turns into a QR Code.  

I sat in on a webinar last week, which was totally geared towards Mobile Marketing. Obviously, we all understand how much we've come to depend on our cell phones. And, with that dependency ~ smart businesses are seeking every possible method to get their products in front of us, on our mobile devices, our cell phones and tablets.

Mobile Marketing will be the big push for 2014. If you're planning your marketing efforts for next year, I highly recommend you consider using a QR Code.  If not, you really need to re-think your strategy to include mobile and a QR Code.

Mobile is not going away.  It will continue to grow and become stranger and stronger.  No matter what kind of business you're in, mobile is where the money is and where it will continue to be for a very long time.

Whether you're trying to increase your online efforts or marketing yourself as a local firm, the object is always about getting new clients and keeping the old ones.

Here's some more information which I found valuable
What is a QR Code ~ And How-To Use It !! 

"QR code" 
  1. 1.
    a machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs or other information for reading by the camera on a smartphone.
    "they were the first retailer here to offer QR codes in their advertising"

So all in all, if you go to my website you can gain access to get a free QR Code. You can use it on your business card, you website, to deliver a message through Social Media channels. This is such an easy way to distribute all of your business credentials and it's fast, sleek and simple.

You may contact me by email to find out more or just go to my website to gain access to the tool to get your own QR Code.

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